Gabriela Bulisova & Mark Isaac

Gabriela Bulisova and Mark Isaac are artists and multimedia storytellers who collaborate on intimate projects designed to bridge the gap between fine art and documentary practices.

Their work includes still photography, video, writing and music focused on the climate crisis, mass incarceration, diversity, memory, trauma and reconciliation. Their commitment to these issues is fed by a passion to move beyond expanding awareness and engender meaningful changes in policy.

Among other awards, they have received a total of four Fulbright grants to create projects on socially conscious issues around the world. Their diverse, in-depth projects have been exhibited in Canada, Cyprus, Finland, Siberia, Slovakia, South Korea, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Ukraine. Their writing, photographs, and video have also been published or screened by The Daily Beast,, Smithsonian Magazine; National Geographic, ORF (Austrian television), and Narratively. 

They accept commissions for journalism, photography, video, and other projects from socially responsible clients.  

Atlantika Collective

Gabriela and Mark are also founding members of Atlantika Collective, an international creative collective of artists, writers, curators, educators, and thinkers. Atlantika is focused on sharing ideas, making connections, and building collaborative relationships in an “open circle” model that engages others and strengthens support for the arts in society. Members believe in social responsibility, community, and nurturing a contemporary humanism through art. Please visit Atlantika's website  to meet its other highly creative members, view the Collective's projects and exhibits, and read compelling blog posts.

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