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  1. Podcast on “The Landscape of our Memory”

    2023-07-28 13:45:55 UTC
    We are pleased to share a podcast hosted by the Johannesburg Holocaust and Genocide Centre in which we are interviewed about our latest project, the Landscape of Our Memory. You can access the podcast here. We would like to thank the Johannesburg Centre and the four academic leaders who interviewed…

  2. Mykolaiv, Ukraine: Where the Rivers Come Together

    2022-03-04 16:14:47 UTC
    by Gabriela Bulisova & Mark Isaac Considerable attention has already been given to Vladimir Putin’s claims that Ukraine needs to undergo “denazification” and there is a genocide underway against Russians in the country. Not much rebuttal is needed for these insidious claims, which most in the free world can readily…

  3. Seeding our Eco-Future

    2022-01-16 18:44:42 UTC
    by Gabriela Bulisova & Mark Isaac There’s never enough time.  We showed up for our six-week residency in Pafos, Cyprus with only a month to go before the final show had to be hung. Everything was a race for time: capturing new images and video, editing and post-production, printing, and…

  4. Blazing a Path Forward

    2021-12-22 17:08:36 UTC
    On July 3 in the small village of Arakapas, Cyprus, the temperature was about 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit). The sun was blazing and the wind was fierce. Suddenly and without warning, a wall of fire raced down the bed of the local stream, endangering everything in its path.…

  5. An Opening for Action

    2021-12-20 16:27:28 UTC
    The debut of any exhibition is bursting with nervous energy, and our opening in Pafos, Cyprus at the Municipal Gallery was no exception. But following the stressful job of meticulously editing photos, printing and reprinting, perfecting the multi-channel video, composing a soundtrack, arranging found objects, posting blogs, and preparing remarks…

  6. The Path Toward “A Tree for the Forest”

    2021-12-16 15:40:08 UTC
    The installation of A Tree for the Forest, our latest exhibition, has now begun at the Municipal Gallery at Ibrahim’s Khan in Pafos, Cyprus. It was an occasion for exhilaration, nervousness, hard work and considerable coffee consumption. It was also a moment to fully acknowledge the creative vision of curator…

  7. Art on the “Wood Wide Web”

    2021-12-15 14:50:28 UTC
    We’re currently in Paphos, Cyprus as part of the Episkeptes artist residency program at Kimonos Arts Center. Our project focuses on the ecological threats facing trees and forests, including the climate crisis and rampant wildfires. But it also has a hopeful side.  We’re creating new images devoted to expressing the…

  8. Visiting The Sites of Recent Cyprus Wildfires

    2021-12-05 18:41:48 UTC
    Earlier this year, Cyprus experienced the largest wildfire in its history in the Limassol District. The fire killed four people and required assistance from several other nations before it was brought under control. However, smaller wildfires have continued since then, including several in the vicinity of Paphos. As we work…

  9. Climate Crisis Project Underway in Cyprus

    2021-11-30 14:32:00 UTC
    We’re already hard at work on our project as part of “Episkeptes, a residency at the Kimonos Art Center,” based in Paphos, Cyprus. Much of our attention centers on ecological themes, and our work in Cyprus is focused on the ecological threats facing trees and forests, including the growing impact…

  10. And the Winner Is: Uh Huh

    2021-07-12 15:25:19 UTC
    The music video we created for Joy on Fire’s hard-hitting song about gun violence in the United States, Uh Huh, continues to tear up the festival circuit and has now garnered its first all-out win: The Obskuur Ghent Film Festival in Belgium. Moreover, it just won the runner-up award at

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