Successful projects from the past that are still relevant today.

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Returning Citizens
An in-depth look at the struggles of men and women to find jobs, locate housing and reconnect with their families following prison.
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The Environment
From pollution of our waterways to the impacts of global warming, the environment is undeniably in crisis, threatening us all.
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Projects focused on the devastating human toll of war and the refugee crisis around the world.
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Single images with the capacity to inspire, infuriate, or plant the seeds of change.
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Motion Studies
By Mark Isaac. A portfolio that embodies the pace of high speed travel, blurring and fracturing the landscape.
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News Tapestries
By Mark Isaac. Hundreds of front pages of newspapers covering the same major event are woven into a single image.
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By Mark Isaac. Reflections of light in urban settings create newfound beauty, depth and meaning.
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