Book Trailer: Buildings Without Murders

Trailer for the novel Buildings Without Murders by Dan Gutstein, published by Atmosphere Press (2020). For more info or to purchase go to or Video by Gabriela Bulisova & Mark Isaac.

Excerpt: "LaRousse’s smartphone buzzed. It registered the presence of several GPS pins orbiting her own signal, a collection of competent kissers, street kids, philanthropists, and rough-house run-rioters demonstrating recalcitrant intentions. Half her body shivered in a downdraft. She traced the origins of this chilly whirlybird by sizing up the architecture of the tallest crane, from anchor to tower head, until she espied the very phenomenon that the News Update had reported for the past several broadcasts, up high, adrift above everyday birds and skyscrapers. A single, available cloud bank blundered between the forces of opposing currents, the defiant and the stoic, its magenta-white lightning bolt fizzling in a brisk state of perpetual discharge. The cloud hauled a stroke of incomplete, ornamental lightning."

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