100 Years of Fortitude

Gabriela often takes on assignments on socially conscious issues. In her latest photo essay for Trix Magazine, she reports on the promising developments for women in politics in Slovakia, which is currently (like the United States) celebrating the centennial of women’s suffrage. In a startling development one year ago, an exemplary progressive woman, Zuzana Caputova, was elected President of this small Central European nation. As Gabriela’s reportage makes clear, not only is the President now the most beloved politician in the nation, with an approval rating of 74 percent, but she has inspired other women at all levels to demand their proper place in Slovakia’s political system. Caputova’s election may be a watershed moment that points the way toward gender equality in Slovakia, neighboring nations and around the world.

Please read the entire photo essay at Trix Magazine here: 100 Years of Fortitude.

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