The Indisputability of Spiritual Presence / Бесспорности духовного присутствия

New artwork by Valery Kondakov / Новая работа Валерия Кондакова

“Red nails,” sculpture, 75 × 80 × 49 cm, metal, wood, acrylic, 2020. The “red nails” are good and evil, democracy and power, the crucifixion of truth, these are thorns and freedom. 
Скульптура. “Красные гвозди ” 75×80×49 металл, дерево, акрил. 2020г. “Красные гвозди” - это добро и зло, демократия и власть, распятие истины, это тернии и свобода.

We’re very pleased to share the work of a new Atlantika Collective contributor, Siberian artist Valery Kondakov, a reclusive Siberian artist practicing in Nizhneangarsk, a town at the far northernmost point of Lake Baikal in Eastern Siberia. Kondakov’s practice is extremely diverse, embracing painting, graphics, sculpture, decorative art, literature, and poetry. His work, which has been exhibited in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, and Dresden, may be described as neo-archaic, a movement in art that is “based on the artists turning to the archaeological heritage, to the myth and ethnic roots of cultures of the peoples of Siberia,” according to Russian anthropologist Anna Sirina. Kondakov himself describes a mystical experience in which he was selected by the spirits to pursue art that affirms his ancestry as an Evenk, and adopted the pseudonym “Ewi Enk.” We met Kondakov in his hometown in 2019 and visited his studio. Enthralled with the quality of his work, its indisputable connection to his ancestors, and the purity of his spirit, we stayed in touch and now invite more of the world to become familiar with his oeuvre. For more images and more on the artist’s background, please go to the original post on Atlantika Collective:

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