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  1. Climate Crisis Project Underway in Cyprus

    30 Nov 2021
    We’re already hard at work on our project as part of “Episkeptes, a residency at the Kimonos Art Center,” based in Paphos, Cyprus. Much of our attention centers on ecological themes, and our work in Cyprus is focused on the ecological threats facing trees and forests, including the growing impact…

  2. And the Winner Is: Uh Huh

    12 Jul 2021
    The music video we created for Joy on Fire’s hard-hitting song about gun violence in the United States, Uh Huh, continues to tear up the festival circuit and has now garnered its first all-out win: The Obskuur Ghent Film Festival in Belgium. Moreover, it just won the runner-up award at

  3. The Crown’s Silhouette

    22 Jan 2021
    Mark Isaac I admit it. When it comes to the wild proliferation of images in the world, I’m an unreformed offender. Not only do I capture them recklessly and with abandon, but I store endless numbers of images in an ever-expanding battery of costly storage devices with a proclivity to…

  4. Revival

    16 Dec 2020
    Gabriela Bulisova and Mark Isaac Recently, we were interviewed by “Revival,” a research and knowledge exchange project based in Estonia that brings together scientists and artists who “are passionate about cultural outreach and creative approaches that are focused on the relationship between ecology and human activity.” The interview focuses on…

  5. The Ways We Imagine The Future

    03 Dec 2020
    by Mark Isaac Visual Catalysts is an international exhibition that appeared earlier this year in Tampere, Finland.  Focused on the worldwide climate crisis and other forms of environmental degradation, the exhibition sought  to promote new ways of visual representation that help spur real action toward a green and sustainable future.…

  6. Songs in the Key of Free

    14 Oct 2020
    Gabriela Bulisova & Mark Isaac Songs in the Key of Free is an innovative music program initiated several years ago at State Correctional Institute-Graterford, a maximum security prison northwest of Philadelphia.* The program restored music instruction for inmates after twenty years without any access to a music program of any…

  7. Visual Catalysts Exhibition Showcases Artwork on Environmental Transformation

    26 Sep 2020
    Mark Isaac Visual Catalysts is an exhibition focused on the worldwide climate crisis and other forms of environmental degradation. It seeks to promote new ways of visual representation that will move artists beyond the task of ‘“raising awareness” and more firmly into the realm of spurring action. As the curators…

  8. Don’t Freeze on Warming

    22 Jul 2020
    Gabriela Bulisova & Mark Isaac One day, we woke up and an African-American man was President. One day, we woke up and gay marriage was legal. One day, we woke up and the majority of Americans supported Black Lives Matter. When will we wake up on climate change? You’ve probably…

  9. The Indisputability of Spiritual Presence / Бесспорности духовного присутствия

    18 Jul 2020
    New artwork by Valery Kondakov / Новая работа Валерия Кондакова “Red nails,” sculpture, 75 × 80 × 49 cm, metal, wood, acrylic, 2020. The “red nails” are good and evil, democracy and power, the crucifixion of truth, these are thorns and freedom. Скульптура. “Красные гвозди ” 75×80×49 металл, дерево, акрил.

  10. The Martyred Jans of Czechoslovakia

    07 Jul 2020
    Gabriela Bulisova & Mark Isaac It was a long weekend in both the U.S. and the Czech Republic. While the U.S. celebrated its Independence Day in an atmosphere that was decidedly muted and uncertain, the Czech Republic celebrated its greatest religious reformer, Jan Hus, who was martyred in 1415. Hus…

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